To Feel

All I want is to feel
A heart that beats, filled with zeal
With a love for me with no reprisals shown
To make me her very own.

To give me passion and blinding lust
To give with her heart with deeper trust
To fill my soul with her fantasy and dream
That is a lot more then they seem.

Two minds and hearts joined
That become one living soul
That give in to their desires known
And lose all emotional control.

To feed me from your body deep
Where I go and you seek
To explore her sex in all its heat
To taste of arousal so soft and sweet.

To give and take in this erotic dance
That we move to with a lovers trance
Voices crying from their very core
Driving on for more and more.

To grasp each other in arms so tight
Wanting to take another bite
Of passions fruit they cannot break
This addiction to their cravings wake.

With all her strain and dripping sweat
This arousal that makes her oh so wet
She feels her body clamp after many a slide
As she feels her release from deep inside.

Covering me with her deeper pleasure
Her sweetness makes me happy beyond measure
With her release she gives in kind
I  respond with my own from behind.

This that rocks her sensual core
Her shaking so powerful more and more
I pull her back into my arms
She knows she is safe and away from harm.

With lungs that breathe a sensual sigh
Her eyes begin to lovingly cry
This makes me crave her even more
I hold her close this woman that I adore.

And we bond in our own plain
Two lovers that cry each others name
With words of love that fill the air
To feel the love in their hearts they share.


Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
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