Just Another Soldier In The Army

I was a soldier in the US Army. I went to Iraq at 18. Came back a man with issues. Was Honorably Discharged for a personality disorder. I am not proud of that at all. I am ashamed because I did not finish strong. I let down my platoon that I deployed with. I let down my family. I let down myself. Till this day I regret it. Through some level of spiritual growth and mental/emotional maturity I've began to learn how to let things go. Still, it's a process that only I can deal with, and it has been a painful one. There was nothing more disturbing, horrifying, and difficult, than looking inside myself and realizing what a mess I was. It's been a process to better myself and I gotta thank my family and God for bearing with me. I still regret what happened, but I'm learning to let go of this burden.
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4 Responses Dec 30, 2011

First of all I want to start off by saying thank you so much for your service. Your story sounds similar like my grandfathers story. He faught in the Korean war. When he came back he had a lot of issues. He was a very paranoid person, he never ever wanted to talk about what he seen over there. He was prescribed medication but he didn't trust anyone. But aside from his issues which went away after time. I loved him very much, You know what, he is a hero and so are you. It will be ok champ don't be so hard on yourself. Take care. Thank you again for your service.

how ya holding up?

it can get rollercoastery like at times, be patient with yourself as you move forward. and always remember, especially in the bad times, it is worth it.

if you ever need to talk... ill be here til im dead

forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. nothing will make it right. i know this first hand as you....