Doctors Are In The Navy Too

I am doing eight years in the navy to pay off for my college and medical school. (I went to Berkley for college and John's Hopkins for med school). I didn't exactly come from the wealthiest of families, so I need to do the service to get out of debt. I have always loved my country, and more than anything wanted to help the soldiers medically and mentally, since my second love is psychology. I have done my first two years, and going on a third. The hard thing is, I have a stepson and a wife. I am torn, inside and out. Some parts of my war experience, I only remember sounds or colors. In tripoli, the colors red, gray, and black are always in my mind. When I am home, war is all I think about, and when I am on duty, Pyotr and Katya are all I think about. I love serving my country, and I have managed to keep my family intact, and the medical opportunities are millions in the navy. It is like ten minutes of terror, then hours of boredom. We do have a good time though. I get really interesting cases, and my country is literally paying me to go places and do my favorite things. Sometimes it is worth the pain, and sometimes not. I never really know how I feel about these things. My friends have tattoos of friends names on their arms, I have nightmares, wake up crying, but I get to practice medicine, gather a lot of experience, serve my country, and make my wife and son proud. I am torn.
Princelegolas Princelegolas
26-30, M
Sep 18, 2012