I Am a Proud Army Veteran

I served in the Army from 1979 to 1982. I was a 95B - Military Police

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Thank you veteran../

I couple of years ago, we had the privilege of greeting the son of one of our best friends returning from Iraq. They flew, circling overhead into Lawson Army Airfield at Fort Benning and I want to tell you, it was one of the most emotional moments of my life. I get tears just writing about it now. Nathan came to stay with us for a couple of days. The first night, we took him out to dinner. Several people bought that young man drinks and I had to pour him into the car to get him home. He needed that. Someone even paid for his dinner and It wasn't us! The next day his parents were able to arrive and we all had the best time, even as they had to go through the debriefing and turning in equipment phase. It was a wonderful night watching the families reunite, some fathers getting to see their child for the first time. What was really sad was the one's who didn't make it back. That will always weigh heavily on my mind. So, again, thank you. I am proud of my service but it pales in comparison to what these young people have to face today. They have my utmost respect, admiration and love.

Thank YOU! You're so sweet to say....

Thank you, Drew. I really appreciate that! :-)

Thanks JoJo... nonetheless.

Thank you so much. But! I don't think I recognize "Home" anymore. What happened to our country?

Welcome Home!