My Child Abuse Story (no One Must Ever Experience This)

I've been fighting... fighting my entire life ever since i popped out of my mother's accursed womb my mother is a horrible terrifying woman and should be made to at least give some repiration for everything she put me through... everything had been going on as far back as i could remember she would beat me whenever i didnt do what she wanted i think my first memory was of a beating with a studded belt she gave me at 3 yrs old. and that was only the tip of the ice berg of my life, my dad worked all the time he had two jobs and that left me and my mother alone together,which is not good, she did everything she could to me to torture me when i made her mad, i always had to wear long sleeves and pants because of all the bruises... that still isnt the worst of it though when she started to potty train me around the age of four, she'd come and get me up in the middle of the night to pee, like you think any mother would do right? well wrong if i wet the bed which i did ,and its now started back recently, she would rip me out of bed after she made sure i was awake rub my face in the wet sheets and literally pick me up and throw me very hard into a cold shower then she'd ****** me out of the shower and throw me onto my bed thats when the sexual abuse and molesting started it went like that for 6 months then at church we met another family they had two much older boys one was 13 one 12 i tried to spend as much time with them seeking salvation from my mother seeking refuge, safety. i thought i found it.... i didnt after about 4 months the oldest of the two boys started to sexually molest me he held a knife to my neck and swore if i ever told anyone he'd kill me. my mother beat me when i told her and called me a rotten good for nothing liar i came to find out why she was sticking up for the 13 year old she was having an affair with his mother so i was trapped i tried sticking around the 12 year old and he sexually molested me as well though it was only once. all of this went on til i was seven years old. i finally got up enough courage to tell my dad and it got drawn out into a 6 year court case during that time my dad started drinking he got divorced and got remarried got a different job. he started getting onto me about wetting the bed when i did and i went through a rebellious stage albeit a small one and he'd fly into a rage and start breaking all of my stuff and throwing the pieces at me he'd tear my room apart and when there was nothing left he'd grab me up by my neck and hold me against the wall and threaten me that if i ever did whatever it was i did again he'd beat me within an inch of my life well needless to say this mainly took place in the second marriage and that only lasted 5 years then they separated and got a divorce and we moved to a different place when we got there i did something to make him mad and he threw me through the kitchen wall which was rotting ,if ir hadnt been i wouldnt be writing this right now well for another year until december 19th 2009 i had to live under his threat and occasional beatings as well as the abandonment and neglect well around november 15th he moved this girl in that already had a 2 year old son and was still married well he wanted to move in with her and her mother and son and nephew who lives with her mother cause his mother is addicted to meth well i didnt wanna live in that situation so i moved in with my great-grandma a few days before my dad moved in with that girl well on december 19th 2009 my grandparents picked me up and moved me out where i live now. my dad gave threatening phone calls but we had the permission of a judge that my grandparents had temporary custody of me till feb 25 2010 well my dad's birthday came around jan.24 and we didnt even send him a card or call ir anything well he killed himself 5 days later he shot himself in the heart on friday jan 29 2010. even after all he did to me it was all he did for me that made me love and miss him and i still do :'(.... well now its two years later my granparents have custody of me and my life is ok for the most part other than the physical and emotional scars and my grandfather's insensitivity but im alive i wouldnt say well but im alive...
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Grandparents are the best to save you from those situations :) I wasn't in foster care for long before my grandma demanded custody of me.

Me too, but my last grandparent died when I was thirteen. So now I'm just sorta making it the best I can at home...