Rude Awakening (edited)

(dnt read this if u already have) (Emmy) (I codent move the story to this group) anyway.... I was having an amazing dream: I became famous overnight! I was no longer alone and bullied! My enemies were pissed so they committed suicide! (I no so cold but hey they were a nightmare until this...) that's when my dream was interrupted by my parents screaming at the top of there lungs! My dad started yelling 4 me to get up and go to church at 6am! So I got up reckless and pissed that's when my mom ran outta nowhere screaming (she sounded like a siren lol) she chased me to my room to my bed and sat on me!!! Slapping me, scratching me, bullying me and laughing at me! I tried fighting back by beating her with a pillow (pathetic I no! But it was the nearest thing around me! And she was SITTING ON ME!! She was as heavy as a whale! I even said that to her! I kept begging her to get off of me! But she just laughed and laughed ! My dad was just standing at the door quiet as if he was just watching me peacefully sleep! Like I ever do! I have to wake up everyday at 6am to get ready 4 school and church all except 4 Saturday! I wod rlly like some1 to talk 2 :(
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You have someone.

:) thx

Your welcome