Do They Not Love Me?

It's official!!!! My parents don't love me anymore!!!!!!!!! I was just walking outside of the door at school into my dads car I then told him "I got ur schedule 4 bak 2 skool nite" all of a sudden he locks the windows and doors synchronized. He then starts screaming! "this is how u treat me? Like a dog?!?!?" I was so shocked at my fathers outburst! "u dnt even say good afternoon to your father?!??!?!? I can't take this abuse no longer!!!!!!" how am I abusive if my @$$ has been beat since I was three?!?!!!! He kept on saying that I don't respect him and I don't do anything for him! So when he's on the couch all day everyday and he calls me every second to get something for him that isn't enough?!?!! Screw it!!!!!!!!! I ran inside the house with little tears running in my eyes as I go to my room my mother shouts " I might as well move u out of this house since you don't greet and respect me anymore!!!!!" respect? Greet?!? How can I do that when you sat on me and abused me like a fat whale u are!!!!!!! (see story "rude awakening" for details) I don't get respect for anything!!!! I can't take this abuse!!!!
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sweety there is no reason for your own father to call you that....sorry but he is not a man no man should do that

U don't no him like I do.... ;(

OMG i am so sorry honey :) Stay strong :D

Won't do me any good

well keep ur mead up and just keep believing :) I have faith in u :D

Well thank u then

yw (your welcome)

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