The Cycle Continues

Well as far as I remember I was 5 when the sexual abuse started by my stepfather my aunt was the first one to notice what was going on by her being a victim her self as a child. Anyways she took us to child services and had us looked over I was the only one being abused she told my mom what was going on and she simply denied the whole situation ok fast toward a couple of years when I was 11 I got tired of the abuse and went to her an told her what was going on and she said he would never do that so finally took off and stayed with my grandmother.Well till this day she's still in denial I don't understand how a mother can do that to a child when they ask for help and get turned away. Two years ago when my grandmother passed away I finally told my brother and sisters what happened to me as a child well my brother already knew his father was a child molester he admitted to me that he has done it to 3 other kids I was like really all he could say That's my dad my sister's reaction was I love my parents and I will fight for them tooth and nail and by her saying that obviously we cut ties that day.Well now my sister's oldest boy is being accused of molesting his little 6 year old cousin I just want to know of runs in their genes or was messed with too?
Texas13 Texas13
36-40, F
Dec 1, 2012