Was I A Victim Or A Delinquent ?

When I was 15 years old life was unstable, I was living on my own in a bedsit had fallen out with parents, in trouble allot etc I was a mixed up kid. A 30 something male living in the same building gave me a few beers then and talked me into letting him perform oral sex on me, asking if I had ever been with a man maybe I should try it and all that crap. It troubled me for years, made me wonder was I gay and caused me allot of anxiety. This happened around 1993/1994. My question is was what he done illegal and am I considered to be a victim of abuse or just a delinquent? I am now 34 and it still troubles me to this day. I am considering doing something about it but don't know where to start. Advice appreciated.
wasiavictim wasiavictim
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

That is molestion and rape

If you feel violated, you were abused, Nothing to judge in this. Accept it.