Nothing Deserved That

When I was 4 was the first time I remember my father hurting me. He got in a fight with my mom and I got scared because he took a knife and chased her. I screamed. He got so mad, he locked me in a safe just big enough for me. I almost died. When I was five, he locked me in the truck of my mom's car, drove miles away from the house and abandoned me. It took someone two days to call my mom because they figured out someone abandoned it. He did it because I asked if the tooth fairy would come for my tooth that was knocked out when my dad threw me into a wall. He tormented me. He would make me watch him hurt my mom and I couldn't do anything. I was 7. He would call me names like b***h and w***e. My mom is bipolar and skitophrenic. Rarely, she would hurt me for no reason. Once she convinced herself I was evil and she tried to wash the sin off of me with scoulding hot water. I still love my mom and I do anything not to see her hurting. He tried to drown me once and my mom fought him. After three weeks in intense care she came home. I was 10. I tried to kill myself 14 Times. He tied me to a metal fence surfing a thunderstorm because he tried to rape me and this time I said no. I was 14. He kept raping me and beating me. I got beat almost three or four times a day. Severely. He strangled me, pushed me down flights of stairs, poured hot coffee on me naked then when I yelled because it burned me, he shoved me outside in the snow. Naked in January. i got hypothermia. I was 16. I moved out when I was 18 but I felt guilty leaving my 3 little sister and my mom with him
but. I had to. He still beat me. When ever I see him, he beats me. Even on Christmas. I hated my life until my handsome, amazing, charming wonderful boyfriend, Trey, came along and saved my life. He' s my Angel and my ownly reason for living. Nothing I did ever deserved my abuse. or Trey.
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Wow that's intence I was abused to and my friend saved me I'm glad you had someone to. Look to also even though you didn't find him until later I hope your doing better now