My Best Friend Saved My Life

I was born to abusive parents
When I tuned 3 my mother and father began to beat me as I got older it got worce . when I turned five I was addressing my father as sir and mother as well mother if I ever slipped and said mom,dad or anything other than sir and mother I would be beat. Also I had a chore list if I didn't get it all done to there idea of perfection it gave them another excesses to hit me. until I had to go school I had but one outfit I spelt in it and worked in it. A couple days before school they went to som thrift store and got me some decent cloths long anof to hide My bruises . as the years went by my beatins got worce and more frequint I bagain to have a hard and harder time with school I was just passing at the end of the year. in 3rd grade we had to change for gym at first I would do so in the bathroom stall I knew other kids didn't have my marks but I was to afraid to tell anyone what was going on. about half way through the year I would just change in the corner on the other side of the locker room. one day this new girl came up to me she saw my marks but said nothing. evry day she tried to become my friend I had never had some care before. by the beginning of 4th grade we were best friends she knew all a bought me and how I was being treated I told her evry thing and she always made me fell better. When I turned 11 my mother die of corce my father blamed me. To cover his pain he began drinking and from that he became more violent. 1 year I dealt with my father than 1 night totally out of the blue my father woke me up and raped me I just couldn't take it any more I grabbed a hand full of pills my mom used to by that we're left. I set them aside in case this day had ever come. I was a bit unusually depressed that day considering I was gonna take my life. during 5th period I asked the teacher for permission to go to the bathroom. my friend must have known somthing was wrong because as I was sitting in one of the stalls pills in one hand water in the other I herd her run in saying my name she herd me crying and asked me to come out and talk to her I did there were hot tears running down my face as she talked. it took about 5 minutes I through the pills out she convinced me to finally do somthing as the next 2 weeks went by evry time I got beat she would take photos of the marks left the court thing wasn't long and soon he was in jail and I was free I can never thank my friend anof for saving my life and on top of that her mom took me in as her one of her own
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keep you friend shes loyal

I am so sorry you went through that good thing you had such a great friend to help you on the way