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I remember when i was five years old my family was everything; now its just a joke how i thought so. My father was stern man cruel and cold. Mother was an angel but she fell from grace fast. I have two brothers, the oldest has a disability and the other one had cancer when he was young. You'd think with the house fire, the cancer, and the tight times we'd grow closer. But father had a temper and us kids where the things he took his anger out on. I remember seeing my brothers cry and bleed. And father would scream in my face "Are you afraid of me?" I'd like to tell you this story has a merry and happy ending but it doesn't life isn't perfect. Father got worse and bored of harming the boys he turned to me I was too scared to tell mother and the boys never aided me. I knew what they though every person for themselves; i know this because one tried choking me before. Mother was no fool though she caught on real fast but not fast enough. By the time she noticed the boys were out of the house and bitter men. She took me away and divorced my father. I remember living in a women shelter and being embarrassed at living there when the bus would come and pick me up and kid would ask why did i live there? what happened? I never told them it wasn't there business. The kids around my age started to avoid me and call me b*tch, creep, etc. A year after the divorce i found out father called me the ba$tard child to his friends. Around the same time my brother who suffered cancer as a kid blamed the divorce on me. I grew a barrier around me; i wouldnt let anyone come close. Then mom found an apartment i was happy i wasnt at the womens shelter anymore. But it didnt last long I wound up living with my father as my mom left me to be with her boyfriend. its been two years now and I'm still here and she hasn't came back to take me away like she said. I see her maybe two minutes a day and she never says anything more than "its only temporary"

I won't let this stop me though, life may be sh*t but oh well. My dream job his to help kids that went through the same thing I did.
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I am sorry you had to go threw so much pain, no child should go threw what you went threw. I am happy that you have stayed strong and even though life has been hard you don't let keep you down. Keep it up girl. I am glad that you are looking to help others. Keep that head held high girl you are doing great and I have a feeling you will build a life that you will be proud of.

I came from a poor , quarelsome family but at least we stayed together...you have a very big heart to help others!!!Iam called names too...stupid,wood..dumb...those that called me has either died{drug} or now look up to me cos i went to varsity

It's good that you want to direct your pain towards helping others. You can help so many kids so long you put your mind to it. Never give up and never let the pain get the best of you, keep doing what makes you happy, confide in your closest friends, and you will come out of the sh*t shining bright.

I feel like you can do great things with your life so keep at it, and remember this: Never give up, never back down, cuz the fight is never over. :)

Don't mention it :)

i am wanting to do the same work as you, you are brave and strong to have survived what you went through sarah

i am always going to be here for ye ok

we will get through any **** together