The Day After Christmas

This is from almost six years ago but I can't forget it. For those of you who don't know, I am Bipolar. Well, one day, I lost my container of meds. My mom also has Bipolar but she refuses to take medications for it. It was a few days after Christmas. I was about seventeen so I still lived at home. My mom was still asleep when I woke up. Everyone else was awake. I hadn't taken the pills in almost three days so I was very moody. I was cleaning off the China and the glassware, crystal, when two of my younger sisters came in and started running around and throwing one of my bra' s I had left on the floor in my room around. They were six and nine so one of my bra' s was one of the funniest things in the world, even though they shouldn't have been in my room anyway. I tried to ignore them but they trying to annoy me. Neither of them really understood what Bipolar is so they didn't know I would freak out. I got most of the dishes done and they left but when they came back, they had a bottle of BCP(birth control pills). So, as you probably guessed, they were mine and I didn't need everyone in my house, especially my dad, to know I was having sex in high school. I ran over to them and tried to get the bottle.
"Give those to me, you morons!" They just giggled and tossed the bottle back and forth.
"Give me them you ******* *******! Those are mine!"
"No! What are Birth Control Pills, Ambryn? Why we're they in your room?" My youngest sister, seven, Harmony said, especially loud so everyone heard.
"Shut up and give those to me, NOW! You dip *****!" Harmony threw it to Madison who dropped it. The bottle spilled and they went everywhere. I knocked off a stack of plates that hit three cups off the counter. I cringed at the sound of the Crystal shattering and the China breaking. I immediately dropped to the floor and started picking up the pieces. I didn't know why I tried to cover it up, I mean how was I going to pay for four plates and three cups. My father heard the crash because about ten seconds later, he came crashing into the kitchen.
"WHAT THE **** DID YOU DO!!!" I sunk to the floor. I still remember thinking, this one's gonna hurt. My jaw and hands were both shaking.
"I was um. I was washing the dishes," I whispered. I just starred at the broken dishes.
"You were just cleaning the dishes? Are you that ******* stupid, You little *****! How did you knock off all of these if you were cleaning? Do you know how much it's going to cost to replace all of those?" He grabbed my hair and yanked me off the floor.
"I'm sorry. It was an accident,"
"It was an accident," He mocked me in this high sneery tone and threw me into the grainite counter. I put out my hand to block it and I just managed to break my wrist and bash in my head. I screamed and started to cry, he had never broken anything before. I felt so week and stupid crying like this and for those of you who don't know what it feels like to cry in front of someone you hate with a passion, it burns. Each tear rolling down your cheek burns like hell. He picked up a pill and brought it over to me broken, lying on the floor.
"I'm not an idiot," He said
"I know. Just a ****," I murmured under my breathe. Big mistake because he heard it. He slapped me hard enough to bruise my face.
"WHO THE **** ARE YOU SCREWING, YOU ******* ****!" I was practically choking on my tears by now but he still kicked my back and grabbed me, throwing me across the room, hitting my head on the wall.
"Myself," He picked me up again and hailed his fist on my cheek until it went numb and my mouth started to bleed from inside. He threw me out of the kitchen, and into the stairwell. He kicked me in the stomach and I rolled down the stairs
Blood was rolling down my face so I couldn't see much but I could see the brief outline of my father standing at the top of the stairs looking down at me, studying one of mom' s stilettos. I blinked and he was standing over me. He grabbed my shirt, grabbing some skin with it and dragging me up. He then starting beating me with her heels. When he had finished I was bleeding all over and bruised everywhere. He dragged me to the bathroom and dumped me in a scolding hot bath. He pushed my face under the water and held me there. He poured bleach in to the water, making all the cuts burn. When he finally let me up, he whipped me with his belt for almost fifteen minutes. I had to go almost a week before going to the doctors, because people ask questions if a kid shows up there, beaten to hell.
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You should have gone to the doctor!!! Your dad shouldn't get away with that.
Does your dad look at you naked?
Does your dad rape you still?

I don't live at home anymore

You can't let this go on- for your sisters' and YOUR sake.

He doesn't touch them. Only me and my mom

that sounds really bad at least its not sexual

It was until I was fifteen and I told him no, finally, and he tied me to the metal fence during a thunderstorm storm. But it took me eight years to get that kind of courage.

Oh my gawd...