The Other Side

After a while, I was used to be beaten by my Father, but sometimes my mom would too. She has Bipolar and skizaphrenia. This one time, I came home and she was sitting on the floor, grinning slightly and starring at an empty frame. She didn't blink. She looked at me and she started frowning. She stood up and she looked really mad.
"Mom?" I asked. She screamed and started yelling gibberish at me. "What? Mother, you are speaking gibberish to me. I do not understand you," She charged me and knocked me over, still yelling.
"I see. Your eyes. They, they I see I see him. He' s in your your eyes. Saintan. You're sin," She yelled, kneeling on top of me. I coughed and tried to talk or move but she was to heavy. I shook my head. "Clean. Clean," She dragged me to the bathroom and turned on the water. She waited until the water was scalding hot. She Shoved me in the tub and pushed me under, trying to "clean the sin off of me". I was only ten so I was too small to do anything. When she turned around to get something, I managed to get out. She was standing near the door so when I tried to run out she caught me and slapped me so hard, it bruised. She started yelling gibberish again.
"Mom, father will be home soon, can you do something?" She pushed me into the wall and hit me twice more. She put me in my room and locked me in there. She thought it was punishment for me "sinning" but I liked it. I couldn't get in anyone's way and my father couldn't hit me If I was here.
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i hope she didn't take your clothes off. thats messed up. my mom has schizophrenia and bipoler to she used to abuse me when i was two years old and she lapped me hard in the face when i was three years old and made my face red. my abusive ********* father seperated from her and got custody of me and my brother so i didn't live with my abusive mom after that.

No she didn't. Is he abusive?

is who abusive?