Child Abuse

when i was young my mom did alot of drugs and she had so many boyfriends who would routinely beat me by any means possible. for 16 years i have put up with getting hit, have had a table thrown at me, my own dad has pointed a loaded gun at me, and i have been kicked in so many ways. it really hurts me when i read stories about children who have been killed by abusive parents. if their are any children out there that think they are alone please believe me when i say that i know what you are going through.

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It is so kind of you to tell others that they are not alone. I know it's very hard when you are being abused. No one should be abused like that, having a gun held to their head by their own parent and being abused by their mother or her boyfriends. Shame shame shame on them!!!<br />
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You are innocent, how dare they do that to a child!! They are the adults, they are supposed to know better!! Unfortunately there are a lot of sick disgusting monsters out there that do abuse children/teens. Some of them get punishment now, some will get it later....but they will get it. I know how it feels because my mother was very abusive to me also. Now as an adult, I have made a life for myself. I have stayed clean, I have made a living and have a place to live and a car. I am happy today... even though as a child and teen I as very very sad. Please hang in there (but try to get away from the abuse...I just mean hang in there emotionally), and just know that you are young and you have hope of a better life when you become an adult and start your own life. You can have a life that's totally opposite of now... you will have control of your own life.

well....iam not gonna parents are pretty abusive. But they are my real parents and they dnt have any gf's or bf's. I've been getting kicked at. My parents luv my brother more than me. Whatever I do, I can't make them happy. My mom used to hit me with a shoe and slap me..but anyways....they're my parents nd i dnt care what they do...they're doing it for my best nd i luuuuvvvvvv my parents really much..when i do good things they kiss me in the cheek and they really luv me too. If they hit me hard they also say sorry...nd my father nd mother is really fun to be with...cooolessst parents eveeerr!!! Love ya mommy nd daddy!!<3 <3 <3

reading your story almost gave me flash backs. My stepdad never pulled a gun on me. But I walked in on him standing over my mother with a shot gun to her head. I was 7

if you ever want to talk im a good listener-ok?

I don't have a story like yours but it breaks my heart...I have seen it with my own eyes and have gotten help for some like you I just wish I could have helped you.