Plese Help My Kids

Cps took my kids from me in april of 2012 and it has been due to fighting in the house with me and my husband after they tookk them they gave us classes and othere stuff to do well in the mean time 2 more domestic happen but still gave us a chance now its 2013 jan and we finish everything they ask drugs was not a problem for us we never did them just fighten but they r talking about taking the kis after we completed everything for what I don't know we r not bad parents just need help with me and my husband our kkids need us and we need them plz why r they doing this can we win. My kids were well taking care of just me and the dad had promblem we neede help with and we got it plz help I'm not going to let them take my babys away

Ferguson8 Ferguson8
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

CPS sucks. No doubt about it, but children do learn from watching. You and your spouse need to learn how to fight/argue in a nicer way, so your children can learn how to fight nice, too. The world is full of disagreement. Learning how to argue with respect is something your children can learn from you. If you don't, they will learn how to fight the same way you do - with violence, I suspect. Hate begets hate, violence begets violence, peace begets peace.