Rape 20 Years Ago And Ptsd Today

Do I report this?
Can I come forward in real life.
I have with myself and those around me but to report it?
OMG that is the question.
Will it help me heal? get over it? move on? or trust again?'
Or will it totally destroy me?

These questions are way to hard to answer today.

What do I have to lose really?
I think I am pretty much at the limit of digging down to my core, it is a hole so deep, that it is uphill now.

melissamel melissamel
36-40, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

ptsd is common for victims of sexual abuse.

may i express my best wishes for your recovery from this challenging experience.

some people find the web site www.sandf.org of help.

take care.