The Drunken Monster!

I thought i'd met the man of my dream's. How wrong was i going to be! We have been married for 3 years, togerther for nearly 5. Life was wonderful to begin with as it always is and you've probably heard it before. He was an established drinker when we met, but i never knew how much. I'd have to keep the kids quiet whilst he'd be sleeping or all hell would break loose. I have a daughter of 9 from a previous relationship and 2 son's with him aged 2 and 3. I could go on about similar situations that he put us through but the 3 that are ingrained in my mind are the night before we had our wedding party (we got married in secret) i was on my way up 2 bed with my first son who was 9 months old at the time and he slammed the door on me thinking it was just me coming through it and hit my baby full force with the door. We ended up in the hospital that night. my babys head was an awful sight. the next time was when I fell pregnant and i was still brestfeeding my second son and i said that i didn't want the baby as the 2 boys were enough to deal with and just wasn't ready! He told me that if i got rid of the baby he would kill me. When he was drunk and in bed sleeping i managed 2 get the kids out and went to my mothers house. Whilst i was there i phoned and asked him to leave he wouldn't. I eventualy managed to get the police because i needed stuff for the kids. When the police went to the house he had flooded the house and my dog was found killed in the field behind the house. the last time i left him sleeping on sofa and went to bed with my 2 boys and i woke up to him beating me punching kicking pulling my hair all the time i had 2 babys either side of me. when the police came they only sent 2 officers which he then proceeded to attack them breaking one's nose and anothers arm! He has just been released from prison and it starting all over again. he wants to see my kids and if i don't let him is thretening to get people up to GO THROUGH my family as he says and its just so hard i can't go through this again it was so peacful whilst he was away!!!
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1 Response Jul 6, 2010

~Im not sure what to say, but I am so sorry you are going through this. I think you need to call the police and tell them about his past and what he has done, and what he is threatening. I would be scared out of my mind too. <br />
Good luck.