I Am A Domstic Abuse Victim

When I was 17 I started going out with a guy who was a bit older than me (22) and I was totally smitten, he was such a gentleman...they always start off like that tho don't they? I was just so young, at 17 i didn't't know what to look out for etc i was just so happy thinking someone actually loved me. Anyway We had been going out for quite some time then he started getting really possessive and would text/call me non stop, i was hardly out of his site. It started to drive me nuts so I tried to finish with him loads but some how I kept taking him back, then I caught him cheating on me so that was it, I went home packed everything in bin liners, with the help of my sister and chucked his stuff in his car and told him never to contact me again. He still texted & called me everyday non stop, I had told my parents that he was still hassling me, we thought he would maybe calm down after a few days.

I needed a break so I went away to my grans (3hours away) for a week and when I came back (3 weeks after the split) I was out with my friend one night, we had been away in the car and I was outside her house dropping her off when I saw my ex (Bruce's) car at the end of the road, my heart was beating so fast I felt sick. I dropped my friend off and started driving home, he drove right behind me, basically bumper to bumper. I was shaking so much and felt so sick, he drove up beside me and gestured that he was away to crash into my car so i slammed on the breaks and locked the doors. He jumped out of his car and came up to my car, Bruce was shouting and swearing at me telling me to put the window down or he'd smash it etc, eventually I put it down. He asked me to give him a hug and I told him no so he tried to grab my keys from the ignition, when I grabbed them before him he started to strangle me, i felt extremely dizzy, was trying to scream and push him off me, then he started throwing punches at my face and head. Only thought going through my head was "this is it, he's away to kill me" I have never been so scared in all my life. Finally he jumped in his car and drive off, I managed to drive home (it happened at the top of my road) and i ran in my house crying and screaming hysterically, blood was everywhere dripping off of my face. My mum called the police whom then called the ambulance as i kept feeling as though i was away to faint. I was rushed to the hospital and they said i had a suspected broken nose and cheek bone, thankfully i only had a chip out of my cheek and only needed stitches on my nose. Doctors also said that they found a huge lump on my head and if it were to be hit any harder i would have died.

Bruce ended up only getting 2 years probation, 160hours community service and £450 fine.
I think that is ridiculous as this happened in October, this is now July and i still have trouble sleeping, with depression, anxiety etc!!

Thankfully I have found a guy who knows how to treat me, he was there for me through everything when the attack happened so he knows how bad it made me, my family has seen a huge change since me and him became and item...

All i can say is that Bruce is a pathetic excuse of a man!!!
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Thank God you are ok and That creature is a sick sad person. I believe in Karma and it is horrible that you had to go through this but good things will happen for you and you will live a happy life.He on the other hand will never be happy or know what love is,he is a virus who will slowly eat at himself.<br />
I wish you joy ,blessings and strength.I understand perfectly why you would still have anxiety and depression,i went through some physical abuse and i feel the same added with anger,but i know that i will get better and it reallly helps reading stories like yours and sharing mine. Smiles and wonder your way dear:)

Wow...your story is really scary! Im very glad that you lived and that you found a guy who treats you right now! That was so scary, but I hope your nightmares stop. <br />
Good luck and ps: if that pic is you then you are sooo pretty btw!!! <br />
Take care :)