Dose This Feeling Ever Disappear?

Or are we stuck with it for life?

I was listening to Pandora the other day and a Peter Gabriel song came on, the song is named "That Voice Again". There was a part of that song that had me shivering so bad I had to find a place to go hide away from everything and collect myself before I could continue on. Here is the part that freaked me out so bad:

"I'm listening to the conversation:
judge and jury in my head
it's colouring everything
all we did and said
and still I heard that sharp tongue talking
talking tangled words
I can sense the danger
just listen to the wind"

I think I could handle all of the pain from the physical abuse all over again, but it is the painful memories that make a mess of me now. I can't seem to erase it or make it easier to deal with.
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I was in a abusive relationship when I was very young. I had a codependency problem and made some really bad choices. I was terrified - truly scared for my life - the guy was a lunatic. Another was mentally abusive by very manipulative men. I finally beat the codependency thing when I was about 30. Since then I have a zero tolerance for any kind of abuse. I can't watch TV or films that depict violence as it really upsets me. I'm lucky that I found a great guy 18 years ago. Things get better.

I just entered this phase in my upcoming divorce, and man does it suck! For some reason i can no longer listen to music, just makes me feel bad. To make it worse, my new boyfriend is abusive. which then makes the past memories of my marriage look not so bad after all . . . :( i hate life . . . . . . :P

Hugs:) I understand what you mean.

I know what you mean.

It does disappear! There are classes out there, that may not help with the feeling, but will help make some sense of some things for you. It will also help you learn some things, that will keep you from having this ever happen again! Beat the odds! Statistics say that when someone is abused, they are prone to being in relationships that are abusive! Don't let that happen!

All you can do is to take one day at a time, and remind yourself that each one, is a memory and a day away from all that has happened. They have a place in your past, not your present and future. NEVER let them take that away from you. ((BIG HUG))

Yes, a hug would be nice. Thanks, Marji