Finally Did It

Just an update.
Well it just got worse and worse. Fighting every single day. He got more and more violent and aggressive. I actually feared for my life. May 1st I kicked him out. I kept finding text messages from some girl on his phone. Turns out he was dealing drugs to her...So he says. I flipped out, told him to leave. I also think he was having an affair. When I asked him about it, He walked around the house screaming, kept showing me a hunting knife to intimidate me... I threw his cell phone in the shower. He choked me in the bathroom and broke my glasses. Spit in my face, told me that if I called the cops he'd give them a real reason to come here. I threatened to call the cops, but instead I called my parents. They came and got my son, and my husband left as they were pulling in.
Its like a cloud has lifted and I can see clearly again. Im not trapped in the cycle anymore. I cant believe I ever thought I needed or wanted this man... Its hard, but once you break the cycle, see how much better life can be, it gets easier and easier every single day...
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Good for you! I think you should have called the police, though. You need the basis of a restraining order. I realize he has a child with you but the man is a psychopath. I hope you stay safe and good luck!

Yes, you are right. Its as if something snapped. I just dont want to deal with it anymore. Unfortunatly we have a child together, so I cant break completely free of him for about another 15 years or so, but it will be a glorious day! I dont know why I lived that way for so long. I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than live with constant abuse... As for finding a new man, couldnt care less. Enjoying being single. Nobody controlling me, telling me what to do, intimidating or bullying me...Its amazing.