I Survived.

I saw this and i felt the need to post my story. in hopes that it will help you girls going through what i went through for a year and a half.

When i met billy, i nver knew it would turn out the way it did. When he started making fun of me or calling me names, or losing his temper in the first month, i didnt think anything of it. around our  month mark we moved in together and it got worse. he didnt listen to anything i ever said, he had no respect whatsoever, did as he pleased and walked all over me. his temper excalated often and i didnt know how to handle it. the physical abuse started as things i never realized, but now i do. pinching, biting, he'd "play" a little too hard to leave bruises and marks. wed always fight and we never agreed on anything at all. In july, when we had been dating for 6 months, we were suppose to go to my cousins wedding. he refused and we argued. i told him i was done, after he called me a self centered *****. i went back to the apartment we shared after the wedding to find him completely smashed from Vodka. he was in the bathroom screaming at me and when he came out, got an inch from my face and spit on me. i ran to dump the rest of the alcohol out which sent him into even more of a rage. he grabbed my wrists and held me down on the ground. i struggled to get him off of me, and he held me tight. i ended up punching him in the face, giving him a black eye and a fat lip and bit a chunk out of his arm. before grabbing my phone and being thrown out to door. immediately i called 911 and he was arrested for domestic violence and minor consumption. He went to jail for three days before being released.
my mom and i waited for him at the apartment. he came walking in bawling his eyes out and apologizing. so, i gave him another chance. my self esteem was so low because of him i didnt think i could ever find anything better. this was July, mind you. the abuse continued, physical, emotional, and mental. In October, i ended up getting pregnant. he denied that i was, blaming me for messing up on my birth control. and during a heated argument, he kicked me in the stomach saying it wasnt his. at the time, he had lost every job he had and i was the only one working. money was barely there and we barely ate. being kicked in the stomach scared me and in the end i made the hardest choice and aborted the baby. i was 10 weeks along and the doctor informed me that the fetus was at the rate of a 5 week old baby. had i kept the baby, it may not have survived.
In January, i started college. i used my loan money to buy a new vehicle since we had to use only his, and i was allowed to go only where he wanted to take me. i was out of the house, i found a job hat i loved, and i gained some independence and freedom. i started relying on myself, counting on me, and breaking away from him. he hated that but it was what i had to do.
In May of 2009, he finally left me. all that time i never had the guts to walk away from him. it hurt like hell but i put one foot in front of the other. i was terrified to trust any other man. i stayed by myself and i built myself back up. i never thought id be with anyone else ever in my life.

August 1st, 2009, i met the most amazing man. who i told all my secrets to and never ran away. hes never called me any names or hurt me in any way. he builds me up rather than breaks me down. We got married May 29th, 2010 and we currently live in Twentynine Palms, Ca, where he's a United States Marine.

i never thought id be happy. never thought itd be possible to wake up in the morning and love my life, reach for more, and be happy. completely and utterly happy again. but it happened to me. I survived a year and a half abusive relationship. thats all we can do, is survive. and be thankful for nothing but that
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My husband, who treated me like a queen when we were dating, is in jail on 100 thousand bond for attempted murder. He stabbed me three times with a butcher knife in our kitchen one night in March because I woke him up on the way to get a Diet Coke and he was sleeping on the sofa for some reason....trial is expected to start in about 8 months. A bond reduction hearing was held, but the judge didn't lower it a dime...he is still there. Pray for me and my son, who, at age 15, saved my life by getting a knife from a deranged PTSD veteran. I feel sorry for my husband at times; he is mentally ill on several levels. But he simply isn't safe in society. Good luck to you!

Thank you very much for sharing =)