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4 years ago in my world i met, what i thought  at the time was a nice guy, we became friends and then started dating shortly after i moved in with him.  6 months later it started, he would leave with friends all day and when i told him i missed him he would get mad and call me stupid.  we lost our apartment, i was the only one working and got us a new place.  it was there when he got real mean and would push me fast forward to two years ago.  the job market in our town was bad so a friend offered to help us move to another state and start over. i figured a new start would be less stress and the abuse would stop.  4th of july 2008 he wanted money to buy drugs, i was the only one working it was my money, i stood up for myself and told him no. he pushed my face into our bed, i have asthma and i stuggled to breath, he finally let me up i dont remember all the details other than him punching me in the stomach and pushing me against the wall to get my wallet out of my pocket, he took the money and threw my wallet at my head.  i ran to get the phone to call the police and he took the battery out of the only phone in the house and took it with him....4 hours later he returned, while he was gone i had put a password on my computer, when he realised this he got very upset, 2 of his friends were at the house at this time.  he chased me around the house, eventually tripping me up he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me across the house, at this time the 2 friends left, pushing me against a door way i fell to the ground, my memory is a bit blurry from that point on.  he choked me several times i remember blacking out and when i was comming to i saw him wrapping a towel around his had, it was at this time i told him the password.  he punch me , pulled me up and told me to go to bed.   the next night my friend stopped over and saw the marks he left on me and because i have asthma i was having a hard time breathing, she tried to talk me into going to the police and i told her no, he had told me before if i ever called the cops he would find me and kill me.  so my friend called my mom, and she convinced me to go to the ER(knowing that they would call the police for me if i told them what happened). 
at the ER they asked me what had happened and i was honest with them and they called the police, i dont remember the officers name but he was very nice to me.  he put in the report about my bf taking my money even though it was only $20. (that $20 earned my ex an original charge of a class C felony robbery, and kept him for being able to make bail)  they took pics of my injuries at the ER.  later that night we left and i went to my friends house.  an hour later the police called and informed me that he had been arrested.   
the calls from him started the next day, we had been together close to 3 years in that 3 years he never told me he loved me, but he told me while he was in jail, i almost  went to the jail and dropped the charges, but when i called the officer told me that the state would just pick up the charges.  it took til halloween for him to go to court, i never had to see him and never had to go to court.
he ended up with a year in jail, and i have a no contact order against him until 2013. And i have not heard from him since

he got out of jail awhile back and i was on a city bus when i saw him. he didnt see me but it didnt stop me from going into panic mode.  i ended up in the ER for an asthma attack brought on by stress.  shortly after i moved out of that town.  i am 31 years old and now live with my parents because i am convinced he is trying to find me.  i was setting things up to move in with some friends last month, but a few weeks before that was to happen a police officer came to my job looking for me.  he asked me where i was i told him i was with my parents, he informed me that there had been an "incident" with my ex and they needed to do a welfare check on me to make sure i was ok.  i asked what kind of incident and he told me he couldnt give me any details.   i now have nightmares almost nightly because of this, i have gotten emails (that i am pretty sure are from him) that i cant prove who they are from. it sucks all i want to do is live a normal life again.
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Aug 6, 2010