I Didn't See It Coming . . .

When I met my husband, he couldn't do enough for me.  He was wonderful.  But as soon as the vows were taken he changed, slowly and subtly at first, then it sped up and became more obvious.  He isolated me from my friends and my family.  He constantly criticized me and called me terrible names.  Finally, he started pushing and shoving sometimes.  Then, one night when I went to get in bed, he said "I guess I am going to jail tonight because I am going to kill you."  He was very calm like he was saying that he was going to get a glass of water.  Before I could budge, he grabbed me by the hair, jerked my head back, and put a K-Bar (military knife) to my throat and started cursing me.  Then he started acting like he was going to stab me in the chest.  I tried to fight him off with my legs, and that's the only place I got cut.  Then, suddenly he stopped, got up and got dressed, and told me he was going to the police station to turn himself in.  That was in November, and I am still riding out the storm with attorneys, the criminal justice system, and everything else that comes along with it.  But I will make it, and be a better person without him.
41-45, F
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a part of me still loves him even though he is poison to my soul

that's horrible! U cannot imagine how much I'm happy to read you're getting over him... Please dont lose your faith... you're one of the strongest pps on earth :-)

I hope you get out and will stay out. This man is clearly a narcissist. The way you describe him fits perfectly. These people should have warning labels put on them but since they don't you need to educate yourself on the disorder so you will see the red flags next time, one of the first ones is ALWAYS very charming...always.

Domestic assaults can happen to either male or female members of the household. It isn't something that you should have to deal with and I hope you can make everything right. Good luck. http://missisaugacriminallawfirm.ca

good luck! i hope you find the man who will truly love and take care of you..

be brave and get rid of him so you can start living the life you deserve. :D

Hang tough and don't give in!!! Bravo to you!

Take care. I have a very dear friend who was a victim of a domestic violence. My husband and I welcomed her and her kids into our home, To this day, after 2 other marriages and 40 years later my ffriend and i still discuss the trauma and the fear she dealt with. it is not an easy path. My friend was 16 when she married and 22 when she divorced. As you unfortunately know, it isn't just the actual beating, it was the unpredictability and the fear of saying or doing the littlest thing that would set the guy off. Wish you the very best. You were lucky, very lucky indeed to have gotten out with your life and limbs intact<br />
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good for you, and good luck, I wish my good friend was as strong as you. She says, why should I leave him now that he makes good money!!!One day something bad is going to happen with her.