Yeah I Happens To Guys Too

My ex wife beat the hell out of me and I restrained her. I caught a 4th degree assault charge and 28 completed domestic violence classes that taught me I have no rights.

The last thing she said as she walked out the door was, "Now prove it was assault ************!" as she poured peroxide all over my fresh gashes and the cuts left on my face and arms.

This has given me severe trust issues that are going to effect me in ways I'm just coming to realize. In two weeks it'll be a year and last night is the first time I tried to forgive her, and myself

Peace be with all of us, there are people that will treat you better
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Peace be with you friend, my Faith is strong as ever.<br />
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I've been in counseling since it happened and although it hurts working through the pain, it is getting better.<br />
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Thank you for your comment and God Bless back at ya ;)

Sorry to hear about your situation. Yes, woman can be batters also, and I'm sure you're still feeling the emotions. I was in a simular situation, and the first year anniversy bought up alot of memories. All we can do is try to heal from the pain we have been through, I know it's easier said than done and takes alot of work and time. But, keep pushing your self towards the future and the past will get smaller. It is also common that you have a lack of trust. But, not everyone you meet will be an abuser. You are not alone, and all of your emotions that you are going through now are normal. It takes the avarage person up to 1-2 years before they feel better. There are some things that could help, like talking with a counseler, buying some self healing dvds and books, Having faith and never giving up hope has helped me. Anything that could possibly help me heal i've done it. I'm not completly healed but better than what I was a year ago.<br />
NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF, and you will find happiness again.<br />
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Good Luck and God Bless