He Needs Help!

I know that he loves me and love is not supposed to hurt like this.I don't know what to do.I love him much,but I can't leave.Everyday it is the same thing.He hits me,calls me names,forces me to have sex.I know God has a better life for me.HELP!!!
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4 Responses Oct 26, 2011

He does not love you, actions speak louder than words and his actions say hate not love. He wants power over you and control, there is no love involved.It will get worse.
He is abusing and raping you, is that love.God helps those who help themselves, get out.

Hi how is the situation going now?...are you ok?

i am sad to read this, and i remember when i too believed, that the man who beat me, abused me and made my life a nightmare, loved me too. Then he nearly killed me, i finally charged him, he was put away,and i have been free of him for 7 years.<br />
There is life after being in a violent relationship.<br />
he may say he loves you, but you do not beat up some one you love. you cherish and nurture them. The man i loved so much, would beat me to a pulp, then weep and beg for forgiveness, then i would forgive him again then after the "honey moon" stage, where he would shower me with "love", he would beat me up again.<br />
I lost all friends and felt totally alone. then i finally found the courage to leave.<br />
I truly hope you will too.<br />
but you must have a plan, a safe place to go. even a womens shelter, so you can get your thoughts together and get some much needed support.<br />
you may still feel you love him and he loves you, but there is NEVER any excuse for a man to beat, ridicule or verbally abuse his partner.<br />
about a year after i left him, i realized he had never loved me and that he is a very sick man, who actually hates women.<br />
i had wasted my love on him, and i pray you do not waste your love on him any more.<br />
please take care and i am sending you strength and courage to leave as soon as you can.

Get out now...it will never get better. I know, I've been there.