I was young... 18.... had been out of the house for a whole year at this point... the guy was a childhood friend. We even had the same babysitter as kids. Out of the four years we were together, only two of them were great. And that they were. Something happened. Well, a combination of things really. I didn't see it as it was happening because it was a process. I didnt really see it until it was too late and already in full throttle.
The first time he hit me..He did feel bad.
"They usually do."
He cried, i cried and he said he would NEVER do it again. I believed him.
"They usually do."
but it wasnt the last. only the first of many. black eyes, swollen cheeks, bloody bruises.... he broke my nose, fractured ribs...drug me room to room by my hair and once, he held my very own gun to my head.
And in case you are wondering...that was the day I left. So many people that are close to me ask "why didn't you leave before" and I know this isnt something you can really grasp unless you have been there but sometimes you just cant leave. That had been my problem up until THAT day. As soon as I had my opportunity, I was OUT of there and I never looked back.
That has been years ago and Im healed from that now. I did learn from it and know that i wouldn't be who I am now, had I not gone through that. I was lucky enough to get out of my terrible situation.... and i am thankful. 
I have spoke about my experiences at women's shelters and have been thanked by some of the attendees. Thanking me for the courage to speak about it. I told them I would be thankful once they gained the courage to leave for good. I hope I impacted a few enough to do so.
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I often wonder why,,,,or what possess a guy to abuse a woman physically. It is something inside them than never seems to change. Once they do it, it always seems to be a never ending pattern. Emotional abuse is terrible too....but I can better understand that, but not condone for a second. I have been pissed at women before but never once in my life have I ever even thought of doing anything physically damaging to her, and never intentionally emotionally abused one either. When I hear stories like yours it makes me want to get my hands around their neck and choke the **** out of them. It is indeed a weak *** man who would do that. I'm so glad that you had the courage to get out.....and to do the necessary things to get your life back.