My Big Bro is an Abuser

He has been physically abusing me since ever.... at first i thought he would change but he never did. I became cranky and I used to talk rubbish in my defence and things just got worse. Then I stopped talking at all. He then became verbally abusive. He made me cry a lot. He then made all his friends join him in abusing me verbally and he used to enjoy it! He then started torturing me physically again over minor matters. He then abused me so much, he wrecked my vein. Then I heeled after a long time. He again started threatening and swearing and character assaulting me and makes his friends join him. He now insults me in front of my husband. He taunts me, ridicules me and trests me like a servant. Even after my marriage, he havent changed a bit! Now he has left us and we are so happy without him so I mailed him saying never come back! He came, and I so wanted to kill him [ which i should have done earlier in life ] we had a big scene created in our house. Then my father abused me, and now Im such a miserable Ho, I just need to get out of this insulting life!
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1 Response Feb 16, 2012

Hi,<br />
Contact me, i am also a survivor of childhood abuse as well as domestic violence ( along with my three children), there IS a way forward & if you would like i will try everything i can to help you through this.<br />
<br />
Even if i am offline, please, please, please feel free to leave messages for me & i'll get back to you as soon as i can ok.<br />
<br />
With my very best wishes Taima.