Extreme Abuse

 My brother had always been bullied by our family friends. He then started acting like me, always trying to compete with me in looks.
How he started acting like this is a long story. Well, once I fell sick i had joyoundous. So, my doc said i can only eat continental food, i guess for six months i was the queen of the house. i didnt have to do chores or even go outside. My mom, sister and bro were so jealous of me. Everyday they would go out and i would relax and enjoy at home. i didnt even feel sick! So, they made a team and boycotted me. they made my bro the prince of their trio. my mom lied about him saying he was born a blonde and then his haircolor changed and he is so cute. Just to make me jealous but i didnt care because after a few weeks i completely stopped talking. then I couldnt move from my bed and then my skin became so pale... it was pinkish before. So, we consulted another doctor and found out i had been given the worst medics for adults causing severe internal damage for four months or so. So, basically, because my sis is a black, my mom just had my bro o compare with me. he ook it soo hard he started thinking he is pretty.
He then started playing beauty salon with me. It wasnt long when he started enjoying putting makeup on himself with me n my sis. He was severly battered n abused with boys. He was nice but then he started getting violent. He was always afraid of guys and I had to stand up for him. He never had his own friends, he always depended on my elder sister. When he was in high school, he flunked real bad and his excuse was " everybody is failing ' lol... He used to say he is very famous, but when I joined his school, I figured out nobody knew him..... He was always making excuses to head home. He then started showing signs of Extreme Anger. He would break the monitor and swear for no particular reason at the top of his lungs. His swear words are not to be spoken ever... Well, then my mom got worried because he always stayed home, so i decided i will let my friends meet him because i hated talking to guys. I thought it would be great if he could make guy friends and i stay in girls. We would be a team. I made his social image of a cool rough n tough dude... but I didnt know what was coming. We had enemies, and he made friends with them rather than us. He then started verbally abusing me. I would cry to sleep every night. Lots of swear words and then he started physical assaults... Thats when his name changed to My mad bro! He didnt get any admission but I had to get him in some how. He then became more violent, and everybody started calling him:
Freak of Nature
Mad Big Bro
Mad Dog
and god knows what. So I confronted them all. He is a normal guy. He just has anger issues. He is sweet n kind but now he has changed.
He wants to be as beautiful as I am, and he tries to be as fair as I am also be prettier. He has all the qualities of a jealous b i t c h y woman! He backbites about me just like women, he tries to be me, compares himself with me in social standing.. He is a GIRL not a man!
He then went abroad, he was lonely and didnt have any friends, then I went to uni, there were some people there who envied me so he joined them and was happy hanging around with them ... his life was complete with frenemies. but then he started physically abusing me again, gave me a nerve damage and tld authorities that im born with it. Thats when his power became strong, he made friends with police head and they let him assault me. He then started calling me s l u t , and let his friends do that to me too. He became more weird because he was abusing me day n night [ actually ABNORMAL ] and then he started abusing my mom and then everybody. He was always after me and really retarted. He insulted her in a restaurant very loudly, he had lost his senses, always trying to humiliate and then his weak brain let him be a baby. He started acting like he is younger than me, weird hitting me harrassing me and verbally abusing me in front of my husband. He is a serious retard. He is now studying THANK GOD he is gone! But I told him to never come back you d i c k head, he came to show me that he can! What should I do about this retarted freak in my life?
He hits me when Im asleep! Tortured me twice while i was sleeping. Then when I reported him to human rights authorities saying he has also made friends with police so the freak is out of control he became an angel and then my father took his place and now he claims to be invincible"

HelenParis HelenParis
Mar 9, 2012