Its Almost Over

Well. It's going on a little over 2yrs. Since I left my abuser,i'm fixn to go to trial very soonhe strangled me with intention to kill me.i am morr afraid now then ever,any advice would be helpful,i shake with fear knowing I am going to face him,i get sick to my stomach,even tho I know he's gonna go to prison for a long timr
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I wld like to say thnk you to all tht has given ur comments:) I wasnt sure about this site at first,i was proved wrong,for I thought,who's guna respond to me?im nobody,u all nw hv made me feel like I am sum 1:) thnk u,i am vry glad I found ths site

Since I am living in a different country, there's no real advice I can give you.<br />
I can only agree to what the other two already said... Keep your chin up and never forget that it was NOT YOUR FAULT!!! It is him who put you in that situation.<br />
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You did the right thing...take care!

I know how you feel I have to go to court to make tpo permanent in a week. I am terrified because I know if they deny it she will kill me.but stay strong and don't back down. Remember it's his fault and see if you can get an advocate. If they want you to testify it will help the da. Keep your chin up. My ex tried to statch my eyes out and cut me all over. She has threatened my life and attacked several times. Today she even threatened to hove movers take all my stuff in a text while I was gone.

Call the court house and ask if they have a domestic violence advocate, if not call the ywca in your town. The can accompany you to court and help your case. <br />
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Good Luck

Wow,thank you so much for the information,ima gt rgt on the ph n call the y.once again thnk u so uch:)