Sick And Tired....a Story Of Family

My name is Linda and I am 58 years old. I am currently living with my brother and his wife after a series of surgeries and unforeseen complications which left me extremely ill. In 2010 I underwent a laminectomy fusion for a lifetime of back problems. I got a MRSA infection from the surgery and as a result, multiple surgeries followed along with a prolonged 5 months in-patient stay followed by a nursing home stay. After being discharged my brother invited me to come for a visit and when he realized that I was living in a place without any support he asked me to stay permanently. I was so elated to be with family that I accepted the offer without hesitation. How I welcomed being with my brother and the promise that he would be there for me no matter what because we were always close...WE WERE FAMILY!!
We came to a mutual financial greement as to a fair financial rental. Things were fine for a brief time. And then he started to drink and it's been a nightmare ever since. He has become verbally and emotionally abusive. He has told me numerous times to get out. I am now so uncomfortable being here that I spend all my time holed up in my bedroom when he is home. I am on social security disability and have limited resources. I don't know where to turn for help. I am upstate without a vehicle. Due to medical limitations I have problems walking long distances. I am desperate to find an affordable place to move to. It's essential that I find a place close to shopping and public transportation as my medical needs require that I be able to travel to doctor's offices monthly and in the event of an emergency, I need to be able to travel to a hospital. I do get around independently...but access to local places is essential.
I am so lonely and am becoming increasingly depressed. This move was the biggest mistake I've made in a long time.
Any ideas? I am looking for a roommate to share expenses. HELP?????
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I have no answer for your problems but I do hope things will work out; I will keep you in my prayers.