I've Lost Everything Including My Little Girls To An Abusive Relatiionship And Trying To Get Out

My name is Heather and I'm 23 years old. I met the abuser when I was 18. Everything was terrific and slowly it turned into being called names, being isolated from friends and family, and mental abuse. I was pregnant very quick into the relationship with our only son who passed away shortly after birth due to a bad virus. After the loss of our little boy things just kept getting worse and worse. I was taking beatings at 20 years old that would be so bad my mother couldnt recognize me. At the time I stayed and told myself that he loved me and he would change. I just didnt know better. Well eventually the abuse lead to me getting shot in the leg with a 9mm pistol. The result of that was CPS taking my children from me for not leaving the abuser and continueing to live with the abuser and allowed my children to be there. I've been fighting since to get them and am having the worst time of my life dealing with the abuser and his family. Just please if there are any young woman reading this get out now. I didnt leave right away like I should have and Ive lost my world...my children. I'm getting ready to leave the abuser now. I'm leaving without him knowing and I'm hiding out so he cant find me. I'm getting the hell out and getting my life back! Its not worth it they do not change.
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omggg darlings good for you :( i just can;t believe it mmm ****;s me off like crazy when i see or hear or even read where a attractive women as your self being treated like that :( guys like him need there *** kicked :( if i would have did anything like that when i was younger :( my dad would have either kicked my butt & tore my *** slam up . .if there;s anyway or thing i can do to help :) get out stay out & don;t look back

Sad to hear what you`ve been through! Glad that you finally made the right decision and left him! Now you can create a great life for yourself! Take care & stay strong!

Thank you. I've been out of this four one month now and am already so so much better.

Get out of the abusive relationship at once and stand on your feet.