Stop Living As The Victim And Take Control Of Your Life.

I refuse to let me being a victim run my life.  It makes you weak and vulrenable.  Hold your head up high!  Get counsling.. forgive (as these jerks have more issues than you), and move on.

I can say this with pride as I have been through more than any of you could imagine in the last four years.  My kids and I are in counsling and we are doing great.  We refuse to let anyone bring us down.  Remove yourself from the situation, seek help, a safe house if needed.  Put the jerk in jail.. what ever it takes.

Good Luck.

p.s.  sorry for the spelling.. spell check wouldn't work, but you get the point.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Your attitude is very attractive and I congratulate you. You sound pretty over it, so good for you, but if you also need to vent at times about any mixed emotions and/or missing him, it's okay, too. We all understand. We know it's complicated : )<br />
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Cheers to your strength and progress. You obviously were raised well, have retained positive connections with others, and still had some legs on your stool to stand on. You are going to be just fine : )

I've been a victim in the past - in more than one incident and by more than one man - it goes waaaay back, actually. Each time I moved on I got a little stronger. Eventually I got it together and figured it out. Most of it anyway - there is always more to learn and room to grow but you get my point. <br />
I really love your story -- I LOVE IT! I love it because I see so many people who refuse - and I don't mean that to be degratory but it is true - to get what help they need so they can move past that part of their life. And then there are the people who I have no doubt have been victimized in some way, shape, or form but now they use it as a means to gain sympathy in an unhealthy way and that disgusts me more. I find it insulting to those who truly want to become a strong and independent, person free from the control an abuser has over you. <br />
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There are certainly those people who require and deserve sympathy as a means to heal but I know of a few who have an agenda themselves and it makes me sick to watch all the people who fall for it...<br />
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I probably sound horrible but after everything I've been through I am a resident expert and I can see that it stopped being about getting mental and emotional support and help and started becoming about attention and an agenda to gain something else entirely. <br />
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I'm so proud of you - I hope you continue to grow and gain back what you lost. And kudos on the gun - I am all about defending myself and my family if need be. Good luck sweety and big hugs...people like you give me hope that there people out there who would use this unfortunate situation to better themselves and someone else who needs it. <br />
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PS - I wonder if any of this even makes sense...ugh.

Well done movinmountains. You are a strong person for doing what you did. I wish you and your family all the best.<br />
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*HUGS* :-)<br />
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