Ongoing Domestic Violence No Help Is Coming

I have been abused for the past 5 years. There is no way out. I have moved 2 times and he has followed me and gotten into my apartment. I can't afford to go to court. The cops tell me that even if he is not on my lease that he is entitled to stay in my home because we are legally considered to be pretty much married because we live together. I don't want him living with me. He is a squattr and refuses to leave. He had his mail sent to my home and put my address on his license. I get called fat and ugly every day. I pay all the bills. I get grabbed n hit often and made fun of in front of his friends who come in my home whenever they want to do drugs. I have called the cops multiple times and been told that since no one saw him hit me that they can't arrest him. I've been told they don't want to respond to my 911 calls anymore because they don't think I want help because I haven't left him. I can't leave. I have no where to go. HE will just follow me. I will lose all my possessions. I am in graduate school and if I leave and am homeless I will ruin my whole futre. He has threatened to acuse me of hitting him if I leave. If I get any charges for assault I am automatically kicked out of my school. He robs my house almost daily and sells my things for drug money. No help is coming. My entire future is ruined and lost. People hear me scream and see him hit me and no one will talk to the police. My friends all know he abuses me and no one has helped me to move away or stay with me so he cannot hurt me. My life is over.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I am going to give you the website for the national domestic violence hotline<br /> you can talk to a counselor and they can give you some help.