His "love"

To get an idea of what I've been going through lately, read my other story I have posted in "I Am a Victim of Emotional Abuse." My ex that I just broke up with is not stopping. Just a few hours ago he texted me saying he was dropping off this record I had given him a couple months ago. I texted back saying "don't". Nearly 30 seconds later I heard a huge bang, almost like a crash. I ran into my mom's room. I don't quite remember what I said. I hid in the bathroom trying to get behind a hamper of clothes. Once again, he had me scared for my life. I heard yelling and my mom came in and called the cops right away. He threatened her and screamed "I'm going to kill you, you fat ******* *****." To make a long story short, he is no longer allowed to step foot on my mothers property. In the morning I'm going to a domestic violence shelter and telling them everything that has been going on so I have an advocate to go to court to file a PFA to keep him away from him. I'm hoping to get into a shelter that is out of town. I've had it. I'm done. He messaged me on facebook, and I was told made a status saying "I'm done with Danielle, and her abuse." That makes me so mad. I don't want anyone to think I'm abusive. I'm scared to lose friends. I've already lost some due to him isolating me and keeping me from them. I'm so traumatized. Every little sound I think its him. I keep having flash-backs of him the night I thought he was gonna stab me. I also keep thinking of the times he used to wake me up the middle of the night by fiercely shaking my head because I was breathing too loud. I don't know how much more I can take. Its like he's still abusing me and we're not even together. I'm so thankful for this website. I know people here are experiencing what I'm going through and understand. I just hope I can get through this. I can't seem to stop crying.
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He is just trying to control you. He is the one at fault treat him as dc and get a protective order. Live your life don't let him win.