A Man Living In The Box Of Domestic Violence

I still really love her but I know she needs help. It started out great she was sober at first with alchol. She still used weed and it made her a little moody we had a great engagement and early marriage. After awhile she started pinching me with her nails and slapping and controlling when I could leave. She made me quit my job because she did not like me leaving in the morning. Then she started drinking again and beat so badly the first time that it was hard to open my left eye. She the first few drinking binges apologized and promised to stay sober. Where it all went down hill was one night cut face with her nails, caused me to black out, almost clawed my eyes out and hit several times. I called the police and 45 mins later she was arrested for domestic violence. I got a temporary protective order in the morning and she made bail that night and came close to violating the order when she came with police to get her things. After that a day later she called me and said I want get anger management and stay sober I am so sorry I did not mean to hurt you. After coffee she convinced me to let her come back. The next day she started trying to retake control making under her control. She tried make me feel at fault and threatening and pinching me when ever said she was at fault. After that she decided to take off to Vegas while on bail. While in Vegas she started drinking and started kicking hotel room doors and insulting people. When I got her back to the room she hit me several times and threatened me. When we got back took me out to a restaurant and she had $80 in drinks. She tried to force me to talk to her lawyer and the da. She threw a glass at me almost hitting baby behind me. She told its mom it's just a glass of water get over it. Then she went on a shopping spree. When we left the store key quit working and she was drunk and not let me drive. She took my phone when I called aaa for her, she canceled my membership and tore the card. After she got off my phone she threw my phone and dug her nails in to my face. After that I left and went home and she was not allowed to return as I realized with help she will kill me. She had come close with her hard platform shoes. Now I am waiting on the case and her in hopes that she will
seek help.
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Were you abused by a romantic partner? Did you abuse a romantic partner? In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

I am conducting research to explore the help provided by parents when faced with their adult child's experience with domestic violence.

If you are interested, please encourage your parents to take a 20 minute survey at http://www.takesurveynow.2truth.com/

I lived in an abusive marriage until I was able to get out. Sadly, it was me who had to make the decision. My parents helped in the aftermath. I kept the abuse silent until I had the courage to leave. In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces. I am conducting research to help parents in the future because there is no support currently in place. If you are interested, please go take a 20 minute survey at http://www.takesurveynow.2truth.com

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If you know others who are helping their kids escape domestic violence, please encourage them to also complete this survey. The sooner we can get this documented, the sooner we can get support for the parents who witness their adult child's involvement with domestic violence.

You know when you think of domestic violence you thinkthat it is a man beating a woman, I never thought that a woman could beat a man you must be a good guy to never hit back. Over the years of my relationship with my husband i use to take it and then I started fighting back one time I hit him with a lawn chair and he had to get stitches and that was because he was slamming my head into the shifter of the car. I was arrested charges were dropped. I started realizing that when he hit me instead of taking it i was going to fight back and it made the *** whoopings worse but he knew that he was in a fight. In the beginning I would crawl up in a ball and cry but one day the fear came out and I got mad and lashed out back. It is crazy to fight like that and I have never been a violent person and he makes me so mean and bitter, I commend you for noticing she needs help alcoholics you cant argue or even talk to a drunk. They always try to blame everyone but them. My husband is a drug addict and a alcoholic weed,pills whatever he can get. Good luck to you and keep it up you are a good guy and I hope you find your happiness,

I am finding from talking with victims that 8 out of 10 have an abusers on marijuana and alcohol. The thought is the mood impact could worsen abusers.

i no how u feel i lived my ex 4 years of abuse

I am going into counseling but she is actually a different person sober.

You need to get into counseling and figure out why you ever got into a relationship with such an out of control person and stayed through so many horrible encounters. Judging by your comments about her interactions with other people, she's just an all around destructive person. Please get help