I Am a Victim of Domestic Violence

I have been with my ex husband for 8 years, When i meet him i was 19 years old. I got pregant with own first child. i thought that this ment that things would be great. we then got married.  My ex is a haivy drinker at frist i though he would stop. This went well for a while and we had baby number 2.  The drinking got worise, he would yell at me and then cry about it.  I always had to pick up the peice like i was fine and he needed fixing. When i got prengant with own third child things got really bad. from then until now i have helped me ex through 20 Detoxic and 3 rehab's. It was not untill he put own childs in danger that i ended it.  i have now got a DOV and feel safe that he is out of our lives for now.

i not know if tell me story that anyone out there can relate but i know one thing I AM A SURVIVER. 

26-30, F
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I lived in an abusive marriage until I was able to get out. Sadly, it was me who had to make the decision. My parents helped in the aftermath. I kept the abuse silent until I had the courage to leave. In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces. I am conducting research to help parents in the future because there is no support currently in place. If you are interested, please go take a 20 minute survey at http://www.takesurveynow.2truth.com

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If you know others who are helping their kids escape domestic violence, please encourage them to also complete this survey. The sooner we can get this documented, the sooner we can get support for the parents who witness their adult child's involvement with domestic violence.

You are an amazing survivor. I commend you for taking one of the hardest steps a victim can take.

So good that you are clear headed enough to put your children's safety first. I grew up in domestic violence and it took me a long time to forgive my mother. I send you so much love for your courageous and difficult choice

You are not only a survivor but an inspiration.

Amen. I thank God that you survived and that you are still standing. You only have to look forward to a brighter future. Keep going forward. Don't look back. I pray that God heals you from all scars left. The internal, emotional, mental and physical. I pray that your children are healed as well.

Im so happy you got away! Dealing with rehab and deox is hard. And the man should have to deal with it not the woman. We did not choose to taint our lives with subastances.

I am so proud of you.<br />
(victim for 36 years)

i understand