8 Yrs Of Abuse

Hey ladies I am married for8 yrs to a verbally physically financially abusive and controlling man. We live in his house bought after marriage and have 2 cars . My older child is 7 yrs old and younger s 2. Acc to my husband I am worthless useless human being. I am stay at home mom and a very good mother. But my husband has never given me any rights as that of a wife. I can't buy clothes for myself can't buy clothes for my children have no allowance, can't take up a job, can't make friends etc let is endless. For all my basic needs I have to ask my brother to support it,
When I try to talk to him abt this, my husband gets abusive, calling me and my family names, threats to hurt me and my family etc.
Am done with him and really wanna move out.
I have been reading all your great stories but wanna know what should be my first step in leaving him. Ave read that if I leave him all of a sudden and take my kids out, my family is 4 hrs away from me , can we o to them? Wd it be called abandonment and wd affect my custody battle?
If yes what s the other way of doing it, has anyone of u stayed in your home and filed and fighter your battle, how to follow it legally?
My family is. Big support for me and is always with me, can't I be with them at peace?
And how id u ladies prove the level of abuse u had been facing!
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1 Response Jun 12, 2012

Hey, hun sounds a lot like my ex. I called the domestic violence helpline & got a place in a refuge took my kids with me. <br />
Now its up to him to arrange contact though a court should only be supervised as history of violence. One place of advice try to get evidence of his abuse, I have txts, a police report & recorded calls of him being abusive. <br />
If you have evidence I cnt see you getting in trouble for taking the kids surely better off with you then an abusive man & one of your children is old enough to witness the abuse themselves. its only abandonment if you leave them, then you may have trouble getting them back. Hope Ive helped, its hard to leave but best thing Ive ever done still going though the emotional rollercoaster but I dnt regret it one bit! Hugs to you hun , & I hope you find the strength to leave him.<br />
Feel free to msg me if you need someone to talk to x