I Am The Victim Of A Protection Order

I sponsored a lady in the last 7 month ago , her ex and his brother bashed me in the front of my house then they beg me to drop the case and I did . Then I discover my wife loves her ex and she kicked me out by accusing me in violence , she put a protection order and I send SMS to her asking money back then she lock me up in prision for 2 days ???. The court now will apply that I breach the order and they dont care about the circumistances , Ohhh and Crime record may apply . So tell me who is the victim
AliDiab AliDiab
2 Responses Jun 21, 2012

That's the point of the protection order. Dont' contact her.

never mind, what goes around comes around. This country will have you a fair go, you just need to spend some extra bucks and have a good lawyer. look after yourself and be smart and do not fall a victim. Rose NSW