Divorcing My Abusive Husband

it took me almost four years to come to the point I'm at now. After years of emotional and verbal abusive, and trying to fix it on my own, he pulled the ultimate card by threating to murder my son and I and blame it on depression. I read over my statements I typed for my lawyers and I cant tell if Im shaking from anger or re-living the fear.
Im afraid of the court system. my court date is in a couple months. I fear that a judge is going to tell me that because we havent been physically abused and that actual attempts to murder us was never done, then my husband should have the right to see my son. He told multiple people that he doesnt have a emotional bond with my son (our son). I hate to even think of how much my little man's heart will break each time they say goodbye.
pink229 pink229
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2012