Dumped for disclosing

Well first off I'm a man. So I am really into this woman, and it was our fourth date. It's the summer so she's seen my scars. I finally told her that they are from being a victim of domestic abuse, and she wont talk to me. WTF? I don't know what to say or do. I am sooo sad now. I thought it would bring us closer, me being open and honest with something so personal and sharing it with her. Instead she asked what did I do and then went cold and silent. Said she needs time to think about it (how to break up with me, obviously).
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Many people are uneducated about domestic violence and really do not know how to react to the information. I am sure that in time you will find someone that will want to hear your story and that willmbe there for you through the good and the bad.

Well she is not worth your time. Sorry to be blunt but you have suffered enough. It takes tremendous amount of strength just to speak up and deal with abuse. I congratulate you for your courage and honesty. I didn't tell my bf about my abuse until well never really flat out told him. Gave him glimpes into my life shared some painful memories. He is wonderful and supportive. Took me a while to find someone so wonderful. There are people out there. Cheers and here for your support