So F'n Angry

I just found out a good friend was hit by her husband whom is a very good friend of the family.  The lying bastard told her he discussed it with me and I was willing to help him with a place to stay since he wasn't supposed to be near her.  The ***** is being charged with assault.  His employee called the police on him.  She is too afraid to call and says his drinking and anger she knows it will happen again.  I need to keep him away from her.  He did this in front of all his employees and young children.  She told me he picks her up and throws her to the ground when he wants her to move out of the way.   I am soooo F"N  angry he used me.  They both know my history.  F'n ******* why he choose to use me......Abusers are DISGUSTING.  Scum.  ...........GRRRRRRRRRRr
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

you can't keep your friend from him,she's the only one that can make such decision,cos even if you try,she'll always go back to him. what you should do is to talk to your friend and make her see the danger the man is putting her in.

She actually ran to me 2 days after I wrote this. I hid her and her 2 kids and 4 month old puppy for a week. I took her to victims services with the police and to my local community centre to speak with a social worker. We got her some court documents and she left to stay where there was more room and safer. We lived just down the road from her abuser. He came here once not knowing she was here. Scary. I am glad she came to me. As she left me she told me she wouldn't have just turn and gone back if it weren't for me. I am trying to find out what's going on with her but don't want to stress her too much. Lots on her plate. Support is what she needed and that is what she got.