First And Hopefully Last Time I Was A Victim...

I'm a Portuguese girl, 18 years old and today i was for the first time a victim of domestic violence. I live with my mom who's divorced. My mom had a friend, a male friend, who's 45 years old and he has a troubled life. My mom helped him for nearly 5 years and today he spent the day here. He came today for luch and started drinking. He drank the whole afternoon alternating from whine to whiskey. At night we were watching a program on tv and he started complaining about the show. One thing led to another and he and my mom started arguing. In terms of verbal violence he'd done it a couple of times. So then he started insulting my mother and hit her in the arm. My mom imediatly said he had to leave our house. He didn't. Here in Portugal the worst insult you can call a woman is ****. So I was whitnessing this, and when he approuches my mom probably to hit her again or someting and called her ****, I immediatly push him, he almost fell to the ground because he was super drunk. Immediatly he punched me in the face and grabbed my hair pulling me to the ground. My mom put herself between us trying to get him to let go of me. He didn't so i started screaming and kicking him and punching him wherever i could just to try to release myself from his hands. My dog hearing me scream came and started barking at him he got distracted and tried to kick him. Then I ran to my phone and called 112 (911). I described everything that was happening. When he heard me calling the police he grabbed his keys and phone and ran away. I saw him going away in his car cleary passing the speed limit. I tried to calm my mom and we waited for the police to arrive. My mom doesn't want to press charges because of the problems with his life, but since I was a victim too, I'm going to press charges. I'm still thinking about a restraining order because I'm afraid he shows up. I'm so angry because he hit my mom and he hit me. My dad never hit me! My mom never hit me! And this guy shows up and does this. This was the first time me and my mom were victims of domestic violence and hopefully it will be the last time. (Sorry for my english)
sebastiao sebastiao
Sep 16, 2012