Its Not Me, Its My Brother

For as long as i can remember, i have always disliked my mom. I thought that she was abusive and had not feelings. Even though at the time i was living with my great grandmother, I knew she didnt love me. Her and my dad were split up, and she got mad when my great grandmother let me see him. A couple days later, she took me away from her. We started out living with my nana. She had 2 other kids,boys, and i had to help take care of them. Finally after a fewfew years, she moved. But i didn't stay with my nana long. She came to get me because `i wasn't learing how to be responsible. But i knew the answer from the beginning. She wanted me to help take care of my brothers. When she gave me my chores, i knew they were to much for an 9 year old: kitchen, living room, bathroom, hallway, my room, and brothers room. That was 6 rooms that i had to clean. After 2 years i had finally had enough. I vowed to myself that i would stop crying even if she beat me and hit me upside my head. That's when i think she turned to my 4 year old brother.
He had always been a misbehaving child, just like his dad. Even when him and his brother did something wrong, he would be the only one to be beat. I was the only one who told her this, and no one else really believed me. But right now he is in his bed sleep with belt lashes acroos his back. Im at a lost on what to do or say to him.As of last month, he turned 6. How do you a 6 year old that they are being abused? I dont know what to say or do, and i dont want him to grow up thinking that i didnt love him. Can anyone tell me what i should do because i dont want him to be 14 and realize that he should put a stop to it.
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If you're brother is really in bed with belt marks across his back, then you should call 911 right away and report the abuse, that way a police officer can come and see the belt marks while they are still present and you can all get out of this situation and to a safe place.