I Am Here, I Exist.

I am terrified that my story will never be told fully, I have tried but been unable to tell everything that happened to me. I faced my abuser in court and told them of some of the abuse but not all of it. I found out yesterday that me facing him was a waste of time and that I can only have residency of my child because my abusive ex has given permission because 'his job is more important'. Standing up to my ex has been a waste because the judge said the violence was on a low scale due to length of time I has lived with him. I only put up with it for nine months and the moment he put our son in danger I left.
My ex did everything to me. I was hit, pushed,choked, thrown against the wall, on the floor, on the bed so many times and I was always so afraid. I was sexually abused and forced into some things. He told me he felt like killing me and I left the next day. He is such a horrible person and never cared for our son. I found out yesterday that he is demanding I never change the childs surname even though he will only be seeing him 15 hours a year. Yes, 15 hours a year.

I never called the police on him because I knew it my son and I would be seriously hurt or killed.

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I think you'll did the right at the right time. You're a woman of attitude, and that's great. You'll have attitude, sadly not everyone have the same :(

It's sad that'll have to through all of this.
All the best to You and your Son! ^^

Hi rickibrat2, I live in Northern Ireland with the abuse happening in England. It seems like everything I went through was pointless. I took my son away from danger but this seems unimportant to the courts. I had asked for him only to have supervised visits yet they recommended that I am present while he sees him. Its like nothing ever happened.

It would help if you give us an idea of where you are maybe others can help; there are many places that will help.