What Have I Done

3 years ago while working away, I meet a man who spoilt me with gifts of all kinds. He asked me to move in with him, I was a single mother with 8 children to my Ex-husband. Two days after I moved 200klms from where I live to be with him he chocked me out in front of my children, I knew I should have left straight away but he said he was just stressed as he was not used to the kids as he didnt have any of his own. But from there on in he was never the same smashing my head into brick walls and spliting it open, chocking me, trying to run me over puching me, hiting me with objects. He chased away my 3 older boys becauce they kept trying to protect me. Then I found out he was using acid trips. I decied to leave, but he promised he would get help an things would change and they did for a month or 2. Then while I was at work I had a phone call to say the police had picked up my 14 year old daughter walking the highway with her dog. Turns out somehow he thought she was me and tried to touch her. I tried to have him removed but because his name was on my lease they wouldn't remove him. Saturday night I was told he had tried it on my 11 year old daughter the night before. I am so mad at myself for two reasons 1 because he was still in my home and 2 because I lost my temper and through trying to get to him i damage my house so now its looks my kids an I will be kicked out. I messed up big time
lostmum1978 lostmum1978
31-35, F
Dec 3, 2012