I'll Shut You Up.

After two years of "sly abuse" the kind you don't even realize IS abuse until the end, I'm done. What was my final straw? When he tried to kill me. You can take my dignity, isolate me from friends and family, shred my pride and make me feel disgusted with myself but I refuse to let you take my life.

It started as an argument over him being a lazy piece of ****. Then it ended, no hard feelings, cooling off in separate rooms. The longer I sat, the more I thought about the no where our relationship was going the easier it was to stand up and ask him to leave my home. I took it in stride when he said he wasn't going anywhere. I said I would leave for the night then we could talk about it tomorrow. He made it to the front door before I did. And the begging and pleading began. Then the punches came after. He was hitting my face and head so hard I couldn't see. My vision went black.

Then he rolled me over, pinned me down and wrapped his hands around my neck. He told me how he was going to kill me and I would finally shut up. How he wouldn't have to hear a thing out of me. And I believed him. As he squeezed and I started to fade from the world, I used the last of my strength to turn myself over. I tried and tried and finally flipped onto my stomach. He stopped choking me with one hand and that was enough to let me get some oxygen and scream for my life. He didn't like that. He violently shoved his fingers into my mouth, screaming to shut up. His mistake.

I bit his fingers. I bit for my life. I felt bones crack and I tasted blood, some of my own but some that wasn't. He finally let go, calling me the names I was used to hearing. I gave him my phone, pleaded that I needed to throw up and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed his phone on my way there and it died.

After another small fight over taking his phone and hearing it die, I told him I needed to go to the ER, I wouldn't tell them he did it and he agreed to take me. While he was putting shoes on I ran; out the door, into my car and locked the doors. He yelled and banged on the car and I drove off.

After a high speed chase, him trying to run me off the road, and finally pulling into a gas station and begging for help I called my mom.

She called my dad, a Sheriff's Deputy. I cried for myself, I cried for the love that I lost, I cried because he told me if I drove away he would kill my dog. I cried because I hurt, I cried for the teeth I would lose, I cried for the bruises and the bleeding. But I cried because I was ashamed.
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this story is fake, made up

I agree with the other comments. He lives in an illusionary world and wants control over everything and everyone and if he doesn't have it will react. leaving was the hardest and best thing to do, DO NOT GO BACK! He has many insecurities and that's why he acts as he does, it's not you it's him. good luck

he did this not because of u,but because of who he is... he would do this to any othervwoman