I Am Scared Of Having This Baby With And Abuser

Well iam 14 years old and i look way older than iactually am. My body is fully maturedand i have big boobsand a bigbooty. And a pretty face and grey eyes and dimples. And a lot of boys like me but i chose one. Isaac ♥. Well me and isaac started going out in november and i fell in love with him. He is extremely handsome. And a lot of girls chase after him but he never really goes out with any so when he asked me out i just couldnt help but say hell yes!!!! Lmao o.k so after a few weeks of dating he started to get meaners and meaner. I gave him my virginity just a few weeks before he started acting like this. And the first time he hit me was in public. I'll never forget it. We were at the movie and we were looking cute and we watched a scary movie. It was kinda old but we had never seen it (paranormal activity 4) we were in the back row so no one cuz see us makinq out and touching eachother . Every one else was more up front. He got mad at me because i wouldnt cuddle with him in the movie theatre and called me a b****. I looked at him and said ummm your a b**** look at the way your acting ? And he hates and i mean HATES Being called a b****. So he stared at me for a minute or two then when i looked at him he slapped me so hard across my face i started bleeding from my nose piercing. And i started crying and he said im sorry i didnt mean too and then i went to the bathroom and he followed me. When i went to the bathroom to check my face i had a big black and blue on my cheek. I started crying even more. And then i said "look at my face you as*wipe. And he grabbed my face and started kissing my face where the bruise was. And i pushed him off and he kept trying to grab me and i kept pushing him. He got frustrated and then took me into one of the stalls. And slapped me again and again and again. Each time he did i let out a small screan of pain and then he just left the theatre all together. I got up and went to the mirrors and saw how red my face was. I went out to the lobby and i couldnt find him i went to the mobie we were in and couldnt find him either. So i texted him and asked where he was and didnt reply. I got ar
Ride home fr
Rom a friend and i slept over there house. I stay over isaacs house every day of the week . And my friend lives right next to isaac . I saw him and he screamed to me to come over to him i walked away to my friends house and then he came to me and grabbed me and brought me to his house. I could not do anything. It was extremely sad and he got really really mad at me even more because the friend that picked me up from the movies is one of isaacs friends and is a boy and isaac gets jealous. And he brought ne inside and i went to his bedroon and started getting all of my stuff && he said are you really gonna leave me like this ?? I was ignoring him and he grbbed me && looked me in my face and said i love you . You cant leave me like this . I kept on getting my stuff and he grabbed my face and said to me your not leaving . I tried leaving and he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me really hard and it hurt and i said ouch isaac your hurting me and he said its your fault. At that moment i got atext message from the boy who helped me get to isaacs house asking if i was okay. And if i needed help because he could talk to isaac for me. Isaac read the message and through my fone on the ground and the battery and case came off and i had just got that that fone so i picked it up and said wtf is wrong with you. He told me thats what happens when you cheat on your boyfriend.I toldhtoldhim he was stupid and i started getting up and he grabbed my hair and told me not to talk to him like that. And i was mad and he said why are you talking to chris then??? Thats my friend not yours . I taled back and told him chris helped me to get to your house he pulled on my hair and brought me closer to him and said your fuc**** lying you were on your way to his house. I told him to get off because he was hurting me. And he told me to tell the truth and he would let me go and i tokd him i was telling the truth. He let me go and i could see he was madder than ever. Then he back handed me so hard and i fell and he walked away and sat in his computer chair. And i gotup and touched my face it hurt i went to look and had a big bruise on my cheek bone i started crying and he was staring at me with a straight face and i got my jacket and tried to leave and he then came in front of the door and stood there and asked where are you going ??? I said mind your buisness he said oh to chris's house so you could fuc* him?" Isaac was so jealous and i could see why chris was really handsome. And i thought it was funny so i laughed and he slapped me again and i got upand asked him to move and he grabbed me and threw on the bed and then he got on me and starte. Kissing me and i pushed him off and he held ne down and kept kissing me and sucking on my neck and tried taking my clothes off i slapped him and he back handed me again and i started bleeding from my nose and i got up and kept telling me how sorry he was. He gace me h a hug and i hugged him back and i was so stupid i forgave him. And that gave him the thought that he could keep doing it without a problem . Almost right after that we started having sex and we did it all night most of the time when he got in big arguments we would literally fuc* all night til things got right lmao. This was one of those nights and it was the best . The next morning he made me breakfast. And we had a pretty good day until i got a text from chris and from others that he thought i was fuc****. && he got so mad that he was arguing with me after we ate breakfast and i was super sad so i didn't eat anymore and i waled away to the bed and he got really mad because i didn't want to eat so he cleaned up everything. And i was listening to loud music through headfones so i couldnt hear him he thought i was doing it on purpose and but i couldnt hear him calling me. He came in the room and he grabbed me and grabbed my face and started yelling at me at that moment i took my headphones out and said "what?" He then punched me in the face really hard like five times and i fell and i was just sitting there. It was during thanksgiving vacation. After thanksgiving passed. His birthday was a few days after thanksgiving. I looked in the mirror and saw i had a really big bruise on my chin. I hated this and so i covered it up and went downstairs annd i left without telling him and he asjed me where i was going && i said where do you think ??? He was screaming after me to go back. I. Actually went to the store to get pain killers cuz i was in pain and he doesnt have that stuff at his. House. I went back to his house and then he was really really mad and thought i went to chris's house. When i came back he was furious. Screaming at me and telling me that he went over there and he was arguing with chris for no reason because i wasnt even there. Chris and him were still friends and he forgave him. He hit me and kept hitting me and punching me. I was so depressed. It stopped for a few days and then his birthday came and he statted acting like a dic*head again. On his bday we celebrated and some and drank and ate a lot of food and then late at night he wanted birthday sex so i gave him what he wanted and more. He came so many times he said it felt amazing. He is older than me im 14 he's sixteen . And still in eigth grade. We had sex until the sun came up and i let him do anything he wanted to me. The next day after his bday he started yelling at me. And being mean for anything i did. We wenr to bed earlyfor school the next day. We woke up and had sex before school. And then i did my hair all nice and we walked to school early. He lives right next to the school but we wanted to go to breakfast. When we went upatairs he brought me to my class and gave me kisses. Every half hour he would come into my class and kiss me and scream through the door xamarii i love you !!! His class was right next to mine. When we went to bathroom. He came with us and we were just making out. He asked me to hold his fone in the morning and never asked for it back. So i looked through it in class. And saw text messages he had with other girls and naked pictures of those girls and he sent them naked pics and they would talk about how big his dic* is and i knew he wouls have sex with them because of what they would talk about. Anyway later in the morning our administrator called me him and some others so we could go to in-house because before the vacation we ran around. I was ignorning him and we got into a arguement in in-house and i called him a bitc* and he hates that so he said ima bitc*? I said yes you are. He walked over to me and said i'l.Sow you a fuc*ing bitc* . And he walked toward morw nd was going to hit me . But his friends held him back then i left in-house and he followed like five minutres after and cam. To me and grabbed me and brought me to a class that had no. One in it and he covered the doors windows. And he punched me in the face and threw me on the desks and on the ground and kept punching and kicking me in the face and i was bleeding ffrom my mouth lips teeth nose and i had scratched my face on the end of a. Desk so i was bleeding from a tiny scratch i had. Then he left and cleaned up and after school went to his house and got all my **** and brought it to chris's house. And isaac texted me called me about 100 times and left me threatening voice mails and text messages telling how he was gunna fuc* me up when he saw me and kill me and he was in a gang with chris and a lot of others. So i was scared. So i went to school the next day and we both had in-house again. And our adminiatrator was bringing us and so he grabbed me and brought me into a bthroom stall on the way and he grabbed him not to hit me and he laughes then got serious and immediately started pounding on my face. He was hitting me harder than any other times. He was kicking me and stomped on my face and kicked me in the face and i was on the ground and he was punching me and uppercutting me and kneeing me in the face . I was hurt and gushing blood and kept on bleeding and i looked down at the ground and then he kicked my head and i hit my face really hard on the ground and i stood up and started q
Walking away and i was breathing really hard and waljing abd then i guess i passed out and i hit my face really hard when i pasaes out. I woke up in a pool of my own blood. When i woke up i had big horrible looking bite marks on my face and neck and ear and i loiked at my face and covered all the bruisea and cleaned all the blood ofd and i cleaned thw puddle of bloid up well most of it. And i went to in-house and i was still really dizzy and light headed and i saw him in in-house. And i started having anxiety attack and then i passed out and i was tryibg to walk away from in-house. I woke up in the nurse's office. And then they kept me there all day and i went to his house after school so i could break up with him. I shouldnt have done that either. Let me tell you. He thought i was coming over to talk it out and when he heard me say i wanted to break up he punched me in the face so hard and as soon as i did i lost breath an. Passed out and woke up in the hospital i was bleeding so much and he was there and when i woke up they told me that isaac said earlier in the day i got into a fight with some girl before school and when i went to his house I hit my nose on the door after i walked in and that is how everyrhing happened. An. After that i said it was true and i said that so i wouldbt have to go through more **** than i was in. So after that me and hin were in the room alonead i told him I didnt care and that itwas over so he left the room. And because my mother or father couldnt be there or pick me up i had to go home with him and his mom and then from there i would go home. But when i went in he grabbed me and had sex with me and held my mouth so i couldnt scream and that was it. I left and i guess it was breakup sex. I didnt feellike getring hurt more or resisting so i let ir happen. 2 months later im pregnant and i told him and he said that he is taking responaibility for what he did but to be honest i think tgat before the las time we had sex I was already pregnant cuz we had unprotected sez all the time. And now we are talking again and we are getring back together when i have the baby and he is going to go to my highschool with me. Well thnx for reading this.
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So i saw xamari the other day &&' her belly is getting bigger. She deffinitely pregnant

are you 14 or 18-21 ? Well, he could care less about you, sweetie. Do not raise that baby with him. just don' t I was raised in hell and I tried to kill myself everyday. He doesn't care about. don't listen to him tell your school and the police an your parents about him. or better, Send him to me and I' 'll beat the sence into that bastard.

She told me she is 14 but put 18

ah.kk. wow I thought I was like the only one in the world up this early or late other then Australia.

I come from nature, I don't see things the way people do in this sick modern world, my solutions are the from the old ways. First of all I find it hard to believe this story in not purely contrived, but if it is real, the solution I would advocate would be for the young woman and the young man to get married, and for the girl to do what the one she gave herself to wants her to do, but for the fathers of both children to get together and beat the **** out of this young man a couple times and just let him know that if he ever kills this girl, he too will be painfully killed as well. And everyone needs to start going to church.<br />
There you go, the hardcore answer, now you can listen to all the ninnies hyperventilate.

aww yeah