I Am Scared Of My Boyfriend.....

My boyfriend is extrmemly agressive& sometimess hits me. When some people found out they told him that he was stupid && that he was lucky to have a giel like me because i am the prettiest girl. Idk they say that but i think every girl is amazingly beutiful. I have dimple piercings and pretty eyes and pretty face and a good body and i am happy with my self but to be honest he makes me insecure && hurts me i am extremely acared to share my story but i will do it in a few minutes && i need feedback thanx
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5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Violence should not be tolerated. It is long past time to leave. No one should have to suffer either mental or physical abuse.

you better leave - he obviously is not a man that you should fear - you should be comfortable with him - you should be protected - thats what men are designed for - they are to protect the ones they love - they are to make their spouses,girlfriends feel like they have nothing to worry about - but you better get out now - seriously or its only going to get worse

Don't marry him get out cause I made the mistake of marrying mine... I saw the red flags and still followed my heart. I wish I would have listened to my friends. Please don't stay in that relationship you don't deserve to be treated that way!

get out of that relationship now!

Just break up with him if he hits ya.