I Will Do This

6 years when will enough be enough i love my children n i dnt want them to go through this anymore,he says he will change he says it will stop i beleive him but it always ends up the same my family never understand y i go back i need to break that chain once and for all help!
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Go to the national domestic violence website. www.ndvh.org, on there you can speak with a counselor 24 hrs a day, get referrals, go to a safe shelter where they can help you get on you feet and get your own place, if thats what you need. They offer many services. They help with a plan to leave your abuser in the saftest way possible. There is a way out, just be strong and believe in yourself. i wish you the best, good luck.

Thank you for your advise i already have my own place n so does he (due to a restraining order being put in place) iv kept him at arms length for a long time he wanted to move in on many occasion but due to past episodes im reluctant to say yes for my childrens safety,witch in turn always upset him n cause more episodes

I know some people may say i had the support so y did i go back,he assured me it wouldnt happen again n he would get help but we slipped back in to the same old,my aim now is to not go back to him